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HOP! - New companion for e-retailer and logistics service provider
2016 Sep 13 / By Sinko Choy



With great variety and large number of e-retailers and logistics service providers, it sets no geographic boundary for us by making use of digital devices, and the purchased items from around the globe can be delivered at our place within just a few days.

While shopping online is effortless at your fingertips, the traditional and one-way parcel delivery may not be that fun. E-shoppers may have to wait for the parcels at home for a period of time and sometimes they may even miss the delivery time. On the other hand, e-retailers only provide limited delivery options and most of them cannot keep up with this digital era in logistics fulfillment areas.

With an intention to empowering e-retailers and logistics service providers to provide a seamless customer experience and run Online-to-Offline business, PCCW Solutions and LTF Asia Limited, an Asia-based logistics solutions provider, jointly launch the digital logistics platform - HOP! (House of Parcels). With HOP!, e-shoppers can track their parcels online and they are given autonomy to pick up their parcels at their own pace within 48 hours from more than 40 HOP! machines all over Hong Kong. PCCW Solutions takes care of each touch point of customer journey, enabling e-shoppers to enjoy comprehensive and flexible delivery services from self-pick-up to home delivery.

To help e-retailers achieve more fruitful results, HOP! machine itself acts as an advertising medium, equipped with LED monitors and tailor-made stickers for promoting e-retailers’ goods. HOP!, without doubt, is not only generating more values to e-commerce players, but also increasing more footfall to location partners who provide high-traffic locations to HOP!.


The digital logistics platform - HOP! (House of Parcels), as a natural extension of PCCW Solutions’ existing portfolio of services, is playing an indispensable role in hardening digital transformation in the e-commerce and logistics sector. It is also facilitating e-commerce enterprises to run their business from online to offline, modernizing traditional model of the logistics industry as well as adding and bettering the final touch point – parcel collection – to customers of e-commerce players and parcel forwarders for a joyful customer journey.


“HOP! enables our self-pick-up network to be more comprehensive, increases the operational efficiency and further strengthens our O2O business leading position” Phoebe Lo, General Manager at COE International Logisitics (HK) LTD

 “HOP! is our new companion in running e-commerce business, empowering our customers to enjoy autonomy for self-pick-up services”John Pang, Director at Lingsik.com

“HOP! is one of the most user-friendly self-pick-up machines and its network helps us provide end-to-end solutions to our customers”– Joe Chan, e-Commerce Manager at Baby-Kingdom.com

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sinko-choy.jpg   Sinko Choy
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing,
PCCW Solutions

Mr. Sinko Choy is Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing of PCCW Solutions Limited, responsible for driving sales and marketing strategies, growing the business and market dominance and building partner relations.


資料來源:PCCW Solutions Blog 2016/9/13